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Anders T. and I were during Easter on our second trip up to the area around Sylsjon. We used seven dogs this time. The fact that the temperature went from minus 20°C to +10°C together with a lot of snow made the "trail" practically impossible. But still it was a wonderful trip.

The dam in Sylsjon
The lake is used for a water power plant and regulated 20 meter. The level regulation creates ”hills and valleys” on the surface.

Only one dog more and we are off!

Even in minus 2 - 3°C the snow was very "heavy".

Both man and dogs are tired

Paula was leaddog and did in fact a fine job.

Ready to camp in plus 5 degree after a very hard day.


When we pushed the sled up next to the tent we realizede how bad the snow was -two men was hardly able to move the runners that felt like they was glued to the snow.

Finally time to slep.

The first time Milak was really tested.

Plet can work and work and work and ...........!!

Deperture for Norway

Kola is runnig behind the sled

On the way back from Norway -
The temperature was very high

A cut on Milak's leg is treated.


On the over "Sylsjon"

On the way back to "civilisation"