Last update 24 feb. 2006

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  • We have got a new small cub!
    And as can be observed on the pictures our old bitch has fully accepted the new one.
    Nisuk, as she is called, is as Greenlandic as she can get without being born in Greenland as she's the offspring of our own Salik (imported from Kangerlussuaq) and Freja imported from Qaanaaq.
    There are still  a few cups available if anyone is interested.

  • We do a lot of training with the cart. The snow we got between Christmas and  New year gave us a short period where the sledge was used as well. Unfortunately the weather got warmer. But still cold enough to enjoy a "Greenland Coffee". Check out the recipe here.

  • Help us to improve the know-how about where to find the Greenland dogs outside Greenland. If you are an owner of a Greenland dog please follow this LINK!
    The results will frequently be published on this web and will off course be with full anonymity, but in order to improve the reliability in the material name and telephone number will be required in the input form

  • A new dog has arrived in the dog yard. Nuka is a 2 year's old charming bitch from Aasiaat.
    icture can be found here!

  • We went in week 40 up and visited Knud Rasmussens House in Hundested. Can be recommended to everyone with just a little interest in Greenland. For us it was specially nice to experience that four Greenland dogs (from Qaanaaq) was resting outside the house - difficult to find a place in Denmark where this dog fit in better than just here.

  • The boys were in august on a really perfect hiking trip to Kangerlussuaq. Check out the pictures from the trip here.

  • New rules for rabies vaccination has been implemented and at the same time al dogs now has to have a passport in order to travel in Europe. Its great that the vaccine now last 3 years and not just one but the new 3 years rule only applies to dogs that has been vaccinated after October 2004. If the vaccination has been carried out just a day earlier the dogs has to be re-vaccinated.  Even its the same vaccine that is used. Oh yaa all those rules!!

  • In order to avoid more blackouts from the webcam it is now mounted in a both heated and ventilated rainproof box.

  • Why not try mushing yourself? Denis, the owner of DOG STEAM TOUR in Iceland, is short of people that can help him in his tourist business. Read more here!  Contact Denis on phone no. +345 487 7747 / +345 863 8864 or send him a mail to

  • Anders T. and myself was during Easter again up and visiting the area around Sylsjon. See pictures of us and the dogs here.

  • When I, in the beginning of marts, visited Anchorage I check into Hotel Millennium without knowing that this place was headquarter for the Iditarod race. It was very interesting to follow the race and to realize how different and seriously this sport is compared to my own kind of musing. The hardcore spectators stayed in hotel and early morning they flew out on the trail In the evening they returned to the hotel and the next day they did the same again.
    Do I like to do an Iditarod race on day? No in fact not! I dont have the high-speed type of dogs and I will never be able to find the time to do the training.

  • We have again in February been up in Hedeviken. Check out a small video and some pictures here

  • All dogs have now "passports. A new document that is necessary if you need to travel between the European countries. The god thing is that from now on it is unnecessary to apply for the visit first and you do not need to go by the custom when drive into the country

  • The hiking trip to Greenland in August has been booked. Its going to be a "for boys only" hike with Marcus, Victor and myself.

  • Thomas has made us some very nice snow hooks. Picture here

  • The new transportation box for eight dogs is finish. See picture here.

  • New pictures and video clip from a training trip. Follow this link !

  • Webcam is online again!

  • 2/3 of the dog yard area is now under roof.

  • Our old Toyota has been replaced with a Mitsubishi - Ideal for transportation of 8 dogs and equipment.

  • Text :
    Is it ? No, It's not reindeer, and it's not Santa Claus on his way.
    It's a team of dogs training around "Horslunde".

  • We will try once more with direct pictures from the dog yard The old PC that was used to upload has been replaced with a webcam with build in video server. Works a lot more stable.

  • Simon and Signe have provided us with some excellent dog whips made by Ikuo Oshima from Siorapaluk. Thanks a lot for the help!

  • New pictures from the drogsled trip in Sweden 2004.

  • We have got a new dog from Ilulissat. Svipper, as he is called, looks to have the potential to become an excellent sled dog.