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First eavenig in the tent - Try and compare this picture with the last one.

Easy life in Camp One.
Marcus cuts a "Thuleman" and Victoris making a small "trimaran"

Down there you can spot a muskus cow with two calfs.

Our Ally canoe was as always perfect to use on the lakes.

The remaining from a US soldiers sanctuary.

The homemade toy boats are tested.

The big brown rock behind Victor is a old moskus bull.

It's getting windy!

On the top it's very windy.



To the right:
The remain of an old bull are getting the horn removed.

The best drinking water in the world.

Rest next to the small "Trippel" waterfall

Do you see any reindeer?


To the right:  There is one !

A very young one showing off !

You will not find them any better in the botanical garden.
Please observe the fly.

On our way to the icecap.

Only 3 - 4 km more.

Next to the ice in the evening.
A bit scaring to see how fare the ice has "moved back" the last 3 - 4 years.

An greenlandic bell.

Our campsite next to the icecap. It's time to go to sleep.

Marcus and Victor has collected some reindeer antlers.

Time to make some sweet bread.

The final "Thuleman".

Marcus, Victor and Christian.

Christian has learned not to go to close to the greenlandic sleddogs

Marcus do not have the same respect.

The bitch are allowed to keep 3 puppys. The rest was killed.


To the left:
Dog skin hanging for drying.

The dogs are kept in chains to avoid fighting between them. The dog yard just separate dogs and tourists.



After 2 week in a wonderfull place.

Locking forward to come in a year or two!